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     The mission of Michigan Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (MIVOAD) is to bring together voluntary organizations who provide services in times of disaster and thereby foster a more effective response to the people of Michigan in their time of need. This is done through communication, coordination, collaboration, and cooperation.

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FEMA Disability and Individual Assistance Information

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How is VOAD organized in Michigan?

There are 7 regions that are setup according to Emergency Management & Homeland Security Division of Michigan State Police.  (See Region Map tab for boundries. #4 is missing and not used for geographic purposes.)  A VOAD association enables its members to share information and coordinate the deployment of resources to improve outcomes for people affected by disasters.


MI-VOAD has adopted Crisis Cleanup in Michigan

Crisis Cleanup connects disaster recovery organizations with the people who need help. Crisis Cleanup implements a “Craigslist” philosophy to recovery efforts– organizations that are aware of work orders enter them into the system, and organizations with capacity to help can claim and perform the work. This approach minimizes duplication and maximizes communication, coordination, and efficiency.

Crisis Cleanup is a free, open source application that connects disaster recovery organizations with the people who need help. Crisis Cleanup empowers relief organizations to instantly coordinate response efforts in real time. Crisis Cleanup proves that it is possible to create a near friction less technological platform where inter-organization Cooperation, Communication, Coordination, and Collaboration is not only convenient, but required. Understand more about Crisis Cleanup at www.crisiscleanup.org/home



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