Quick Reference Chart

Quick Reference Chart: MI-VOAD.ORG

  Adventist Community Services American Red Cross Baptist Missionary & Educ State Convention Michigan Dept. of Human Svcs. World Renew Disaster Response Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Church of the Brethren Disaster Ministries Lutherin Social Services Menonite Disaster Service Pilots for Christ Presbytery Disaster Assitance Presbytery of Detroit Southern Baptist Convention The Salvation Army- Eastern The Salvation Army -Westren & Northern United Methodist Community On Relief
Advocacy in State Gov't               X             X  
Air transport                   X            
Case Management               X                
Chain saw response X       X               X      
Childcare                       X        
Clean-up and Rebuilding                 X     X        
Clothing Assistance     X                          
Communications-mobile Ops Center X                       X      
Community Disaster Education                                
Community Outreach         X                      
Critical Incident Response Team               X             X  
Damage Assessment         X           X          
Debris Removal                                
Disaster Planning                       X        
Donations & Management X                           X  
Elder Care               X                
Emergency Repairs                                
Emergency Assistance/Supplies           X               X   X
Financial Accounting         X                     X
Flood Clean-up         X                     X
Health Care     X                 X       X
Identification/ immigration                                
Insurance Advocacy                                
Long Term Recovery         X           X X     X  
Massage Therapy                                
Mass Food Preparation                           X    
Mental Health Services                                
Mobile Feeding X   X   X               X X   X
Organizational Mentoring                                
Pastoral Care         X     X       X X X X  
Pet Care                                
Radio Communication Svcs.                                
Rebuilding         X       X     X        
Relocation Services                                
Resources Coordination X                              
Sanitation Kits/ Services                               X
Shelter/ Lodging     X                 X   X    
Special Needs                             X  
Technical Assistance                                
Training     X                         X
Transportation Services                                
Voluntary Assistance               X     X X     X  
Warehousing                             X  
Water Purification Unit                         X      


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